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Osteopathy focuses on the diagnosis, prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of musculo-skeletal disorders and the effects of these conditions on a patients general health.

Osteopaths patient-centred approach to patient wellbeing means they consider symptoms in the context of the patients full medical history as well as their lifestyle and personal circumstances. This holistic approach ensures that all treatment is tailored to the individual patient.

Osteopath mobilising neck In a first consultation, an osteopath will compile a full case history  of the patients symtoms as well as information about their lifestyle.

Osteopaths are trained to examine areas of the body using  highly developed sense of touch, called palpation, to determine conditions and identify the bodys points of weakness or excessive strain. The osteopath may also observe the patient doing some simple movements to facilitate diagnosis.

The osteopath will discuss with the patient the most appropriate treatment plan, estimating the likely number of sessions to treat the patients condition effectively. If the condition is unlikely to respond to osteopathic treatment, the patient will be advised on how to seek further care.

Osteopathy is a package of care that includes skilled mobilising and manipulative techniques, reinforced by guidance on exercise, posture, lifestyle and diet.

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