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Blog April 09

April 5th 09

Frozen shoulder article added to website. Click link here to be redirected

April 5th 09

Arthritis Knee Operation Makes No Difference - say Canadian Doctors

Canadian research reports that knee arthroscopy for patients with moderate osteoarthritis of the knee provides no benefit over and above that of physical therapy and pain killers. It is not recomended by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence, which formulates UK guidelines except in cases of severe osteoarthritis.

"A spokesman for the Arthritis Research Campaign said there was no longer any excuse for performing it in patients with less severe arthritis".

My own experience of treating patients with mild to moderately arthritic knee joints is that a regularly spaced treatment regime coupled with either cycling or swimming produces excellent results. In some patients it is also a good idea to look at foot biomechanics.

For full report view the article on the BBC website here

Blog April 09

Frozen shoulder article

Arthritis Knee Operation Makes No Difference - say Canadian Doctors

Blog March 09

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Blog Jan 09

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