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Top 10 Tips For A Healthy Back

1.      Exercise – regularly stretch and look after your core stability.

2.      Exercise – regularly perform cardio-vascular exercise i.e  swimming, cycling, fast walking etc

3.       Hours in a single position can cause problems - avoid 'computer hump'.

4.       Pace yourself with heavy work like gardening and DIY - don't risk a disc

5.       Ensure your workspace (i.e. desk) is ergonomically arranged

6.       Always consider your posture – standing, sitting, driving etc.

7.       Ensure you have healthy foot biomechanics and your feet are well supported. Healthy feet are vital to good posture. Book in for a Gaitscan.

8.       Always carry loads evenly and close to your body

9.       We spend 1/3 of our lives in bed. Make sure you’re getting the best support and change your mattress appropriately

10.     For back pain, better to see your osteopath sooner rather than later.

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